The EC 3000 saw blade is cost effective due to a sophisticated PVD coating for wear protection. This coating has been developed in order to achieve a very low friction coefficient at a low cost level. Also very suitable for cutting stainless steel.


  • Cuts much faster and has a much longer blade life than the steam treated blade
  • No side pick-up
  • Good wear protection due to the smooth coating surface


  • All structural steel and non-alloy steel thin walled tubes
  • Tensile strength up to 600 N/mm2
  • Suggested cutting speed: 60 - 120 m/min
  • Feed: 0,03 - 0,09 mm/tooth
  • Machines: manual, semi-automatic, automatic


Typical application example:

Material Dimensions
Cutting speed
Cutting time
Blade life
Blade life
Tube 40 x 4 S235 70 3,96 sec 561 5,000 2,2

Available sizes:

Diameter mm Kerf mm Bore mm
250 2,0 32
275 2,0/2,5 40
315 2,5 40
350 3,0 40

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