Champion is our very latest TCT circular saw blade for high volume steel tube and solid cutting. It has been developed in response to customer demand for even higher production rates on new generation sawing machines.

Utilizing new tungsten carbide and PVD  formulations to increase wear resistance  cutting speeds of 180-300 m/min can be achieved. Impressive cut finish at very high sawing rates are achieved without sacrificing total blade life.


The Champion SL saw blade offers the following benefits:

  • High blade life on solid cutting
  • Low noise
  • Smooth surface
  • Low cost per cut


  • High performance cutting of low and medium strength solid steel bar with high requirements on surface quality and straightness
  • Cutting of solid steel bars from 400 to 800 N/mm2
  • Suggested cutting speed: 80-280 m/min.
  • Feed: 0,04-0,11 mm/tooth
  • Machines: Rattunde, Kasto, Nishijima, Tsune, Behringer, Mega, Exactcut, Everising, etc.

Typical application examples:

Machine Material Dimensions
Tensile strength
Cutting speed
Tooth load
Blade life
Rattunde Solid 45 600 240 0,04 / 0,07 86
Behringer Solid 65 650 160
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