The TCT CX saw blade series is based on predominantly coated tungsten carbide tipped blades suitable for very high speed cutting of tubes, pipes, sections, solid ferrous materials and stainless steels.


These blades combine the advantages of high cutting speeds of friction sawing with the fine cut finish of cold sawing.


CX 1

The PVD coated carbide tipped CX 1 saw blade has been developed for cutting solid steel with tensile strengths between 800 - 1600 N/mm2 at very high production rates.

CX 3

The CX 3 saw blade has been developed for cutting tubes on high performance automatic sawing machines, at a higher maximum cutting speed than with HSS saw blades. It is most effective on sawing machines with accurate control of chip load and variable feed rate.

CX 4

The high nickel content of austenitic stainless steel tubes makes them difficult to cut with HSS saw blades. With the dedicated tooth geometry of the carbide tipped and PVD coated CX 4 saw blade, perfect surface finish and burr-free tube ends will be achieved.

CX 5

The CX 5 saw blade has been specifically designed to cut thin walled tubes. Because of its light cutting properties it is also very well suited for use on a wide range of automatic cut-off machines.

CX 6

CX 6 saw blades are carbide tipped and PVD coated for cutting solid stainless steel. With their proprietary geometry very fast cutting and good surface finish can be achieved.

CX 7

CX 7 is a Cermet tipped saw blade dedicated to cut low to medium strength carbon steel. On many applications, blade life of 50m2 and more can be achieved.

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