TubeMaster saw blades have especially been designed for orbital flying cut-off applications on tube mills.

Key features of this saw blade are fracture-resistant carbide tips, protected with a high-tech TiAlN-based PVD coating. Combined with a light cutting geometry for smooth chip evacuation, a milled like surface finish is achieved. This geometry also reduces vibration when cutting thin wall tubing (<4mm), thereby achieving excellent blade life.

The new generation of TubeMaster products has a new body design, new carbide grade, new tip geometry and a special coating. This results in a higher blade life and more regular blade performance.


  • High line speed
  • High blade life
  • Cuts high tensile API Pipes (up to 110 KSI, X80, HT)
  • Burr free cut


  • Orbital, flying cut-off applications
  • Suggested cutting speed = 350 - 400 m/min.
  • Feed: 0,04 -0,12 mm/tooth.
  • TubeMaster saw blades are available for all types of orbital cutting machines, such as MTM, OTO mills, Elmaksan, Kusakabe, Linsinger and SMS Meer.


Typical application examples:

Tensile strength
Cutting time
Blade life
323 x 9 X80 560 9 3,2 Nakata
169 x 11 S355J2 580 7,6 3,8 OTO mills
510 x 15 S355 520 21 4,0 Linsinger
127 x 5 S355 520 14 4,5 SMS Meer

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